Our Pastors

Richard Wong

Richard Wong

I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. My parents migrated from Malaysia via New Zealand (where I was born) and settled in Australia. Our family attended the Chinese Methodist church in Sydney which is where I was first introduced to the Christian faith from a young age. Throughout high school I happily called myself a Christian, but it was during my first year of university when I truly grasped that salvation in Jesus is an undeserved gift of grace from God. That’s when it clicked for me that it was by trusting in Jesus, not myself, that I could have a sure hope in eternal life.

I’m married to Maggie and we have one border collie named Ollie who still acts like a puppy. Maggie grew up in the south side of Brisbane and attended the Chinese Methodist church before we moved to SLE.

I was challenged during my time in university with the idea that every Christian should at some point in their life seriously and prayerfully consider vocational ministry. I was convicted by the immense gospel need around the world and the lack of gospel workers to meet those growing needs. After working as an accountant for four years I decided to take a career break and undertake a ministry apprenticeship with the Sydney University Evangelical Union. During this time I became more and more convinced that I was someone who could sacrifice my secular career for the sake of full time vocational ministry. After much affirmation, encouragement, and support from family and friends, I resigned from my job as an accountant and began studying at Moore Theological College to prepare for ministry long term.

Fast-forward a few years and I’m excited to be living in Brisbane and pastoring the people at SLE Church. I’m keen to see people grow in their love for Jesus and in their desire to see others come to love Jesus and trust in him for their salvation.