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We want you to be comfortable during your first visit, so we’ve answered some questions you might have.

For everyone's safety, we are temporarily NOT meeting physically. Read more about our COVID-19 plan. Instead, we are all meeting online in fellowship groups and streaming our services live!

Who are you guys?

We are a church family committed to following Jesus Christ as Lord. We do this by getting to know him through his living Word, the Bible, which is why the sermon is the key part of our Sunday services.

What do you guys believe in?

We subscribe to and teach the evangelical understanding of the Christian faith and the full and final authority of the Bible as the revealed Word of God, inspired by the Spirit of God.

We explain this a bit more here

Who comes to SLE Church?

Anybody and everybody is welcome to join us at SLE Church!

Although predominantly attended by migrant families from South East Asia, and interstate and international students, we welcome everyone from all walks of life to be a part of our church gathering and family.

You don’t have to be a Christian to join us. We warmly welcome you to find out more for yourself, ask questions, and meet new friends.


What time are your services?

We have 2 services every Sunday – 9am and 11:30am. Both services run for about 1.5 hours.

Our 9am service are mostly attended by families, teens, and young working adults.

The 11:30am service is popular amongst university students and young adults.

So what are Sundays like?

Each service, we begin by singing together about, and to, God to remind one another of his amazing grace and love poured out through Jesus into our hearts by his Spirit. Here are some songs that we sing and recommend.

This is followed by prayer, and a time of Bible reading. Our pastors will share from God’s Word, which helps us know and understand Jesus better.

Between services, we catch up with each other and make new friends over morning tea at about 10:30am.

Can I bring my kids along?

Absolutely! Your children are welcome to join our services.

During school semesters, we run Sunday School for toddlers to Year 6. Our age specific programs ensure that your children are engaged as they learn about Jesus. Sunday School is only available during the 9am service.

Our team is committed to providing an environment that is safe and fun for your children while you enjoy the gathering.

Do I need to dress up?

Not at all. But we won’t stop you if you want to come in your “Sunday’s best”.

Do you guys do other stuff on other days?

We believe that gatherings on Sundays are essential but not sufficient.

This is where community groups come in. Our groups meet regularly outside of church and Sundays to provide support and encouragement.

Find a group that suits you

So how do I get there?

We are located at 83 Ryans Road, St Lucia 4067.

If you are coming by public transport, you can get directions here.

Directions from Google Maps

If you are driving here, you can park anywhere along the street but we encourage you to follow some rules to help our neighbours, elderlies, and family with children.

Get more parking information

If you have more questions or are keen to join us, let us know.