Christmas At Home

We are excited to present Christmas at Home 2023!

We hope you enjoy celebrating and sharing Jesus with those you are gathered with.

What to expect and how to prepare:

  1. The online service will last for about 35 minutes with the sermon being shorter than usual.
  2. Songs will be presented prior to the sermon for all guests to simply watch and enjoy.  For those keen to sing some carols, a playlist can be found below.
  3. After the sermon, there will be an invitation for everyone to share what brings them satisfaction in life.  The top 4 votes will be the topic of our summer sermon series. You may wish to have a think about how you would answer this question, and how you could extend an invitation for your guests to come along to hear the sermons over summer.

    Example of how to run your gathering:

    1. Meet together & spend time saying hello and introducing your guests to each other, snacking over a cheeseboard. 
    2. Introduce children to their kids host and settle them in.
    3. About 30 mins later the host welcomes everyone to gather and lets them know what to expect in terms of singing, sermon and that lunch will be served after the service. Watch the service together.
    4. After the sermon, allow about 15 minutes for discussion.
    5. Then serve lunch, and keep getting to know your guests and see if there's any way we can help them on their spiritual journey.

      Christmas Service: 

      Carols you can sing: 

      Something for the kids

      Our kids and their friends will have a chance to hear about Jesus too!  Below you will find resources that help to explain why Jesus is the Saviour of the world!

      If you are playing the video, provide a separate area for the kids to watch and engage with the songs. Pre-printing worksheets and having all writing/colouring materials ready will help kids settle in smoothly.

      There will also be cookie decorating kits available for pick up from the SLE foyer on Sunday 12th November after the 9am service. Be sure to make use of them!

      Let us know
      you're coming!