Christmas At Home

Sunday 19th November 2023

What is Christmas At Home?

Born during COVID in 2020, Christmas At Home allowed SLE members and their family and friends to gather in homes to watch a Christmas service together and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Since then the tradition has continued, with many friends welcomed into our homes for a meal, and celebrating Christmas together in this way.

On Sunday 19th November 2023, SLE will once again hold Christmas at Home.  An SLE Christmas service will premiere on our Youtube channel at 8:45am, which can be replayed at any time.  This will occur in place of a physical gathering at Ryans Road. 

What can I expect when I attend?

Christmas at Home gatherings can be held anytime on Sunday 19th November 2023.  Your host will provide the specifics of their gathering.

You can expect warm hospitality, festive food, carols, a conversation generating talk about Christmas, and some fun organised for the kids!

How can I sign up?

Register below, and one of our Christmas at Home team will be in touch!

Got questions? Contact us HERE.

Need an e-invite? 

Download HERE.