Connect Course

The Connect Course has been crafted to give you a taste of what life is like at SLE Church. Over 5 sessions you will hear what God has to say about each of our purpose areas:

  • Worship (magnifying God in our lives)
  • Reach (evangelism and global mission)
  • Connect (being in community together)
  • Grow (growing deep in the word)
  • Serve (serving God/ministry in our lives)


You’ll spend time reflecting with others about why these are important for our church community. You’ll prayerfully consider how these might shape your life and Christian service.

By the end of this Connect Course, we pray that you will not only embrace what it means to be part of SLE Church, but also be motivated to continue living and serving as a mature disciple of Jesus Christ wherever you are.

Whether you are a newcomer, a new Christian, or a committed regular, we invite you to come along to the SLE Connect Course as part of our Grow Group program for Term 1 2023.

If you are already attending one of the Grow Groups below, please continue to attend that Group for the Connect Course.

If you currently attend a Grow Group that does not show up on the Connect Course Schedule below, or you are not currently in a Grow Group, please pick a Grow Group time slot to join for the Connect Course.

We strongly encourage you to commit to one Grow Group to attend the course with, whether it be the Group you belong to, or one that you will adopt for the duration. If circumstances arise where you need to make up for a session you’ve missed, you’re welcome to join at a time that suits regardless of Grow Group.

We look forward to having you at one of the course times below.

Session 1 - Worship: Booklet
Session 2 - Reach: Booklet
Session 3 - Connect: Booklet
Session 3 - Connect: One Another Passages
Session 4 - Grow: Booklet
Session 5 - Serve: Booklet
Session 5 - Serve: Survey