Bitter Providence

Pastor Steven Tran
6 September 2020

Ruth 1

The choice of turning to Moab leads to death, leaving a bitter Naomi to return to Bethlehem with Ruth (who has turned from Moab to follow her) believing that Yahweh has dealt bitterly with her. What good can come of this story?

Providential Kindness

Pastor Steven Tran
13 September 202

Ruth 2

When Yahweh providentially orders the steps of Ruth to meet her redeemer, Boaz, who pledges to protect and provide for her, she is showered with grace, which is recognized by Naomi as Yahweh’s loving kindness having not abandoned them.

Plans, Promises, Patience, and Faith

Pastor Steven Tran
20 September 2020

Ruth 3

The faith of Ruth is exemplary as she trusts Naomi’s plan, initiates a proposal to Boaz, and trusts his worthiness and word to follow through on his promise to redeem her.

Sweet Providence

Pastor Steven Tran
27 September 2020

Ruth 4

God providentially helps Boaz seal the costly redemption of Naomi and Ruth, and providentially gives a son who restores life to Naomi, Israel, and whose offspring will ultimately redeem the world.

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