O Come Let Us Adore Him


It's Christmas and we love singing carols. And carols carry so much meaning behind their melodious lyrics. This Christmas, we're looking at 6 carols to see how they point us to the magnificent birth and saving work of Jesus Christ.


The Good News of the Creator in Creation

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 20 November 2022
  • John 1:1-5

Christmas didn't merely begin with a baby born in a manger 2000 years ago; it began at the creation of the world, for the baby born is the Creator who has come into creation! In the first of our series of sermons leading up to Christmas, come and hear about the Creator in creation and how that is truly good news.


Long Lay the World in Sin and Error Pining…

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 27 November 2022
  • Romans 1:16-32; Romans 3:10-12; Romans 5:6-11

This world, made weary by sin, longs for rest and restoration. Jesus has come to do exactly that! And so we're able to enjoy the thrill of hope and great rejoicing.


Emptied of His Majesty

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 4 December 2022
  • Isaiah 9:6, Philippians 2:1-11

Jesus emptied himself of his glory and took on human form to connect with us, that we might have the perfect saviour – to our marvel and joy.


God and Sinners Reconciled

  • Al Stewart
  • 11 December 2022
  • Hebrews 2

The incarnated Christ was born to die, turning away God's wrath.


And Man Will Live Forever More

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 18 December 2022
  • 1 Corinthians 15:1-22, 50-5

The convincing news that Jesus did rise from the dead impacts our hearts and lives now and for eternity.


O Come All You Unfaithful

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 25 December 2022
  • Matthew 11:25-30

Jesus extends an offer that is so unbelievably good and one we can't refuse: come to him, all who are weary and heavy laden, and he will give you rest for your soul!

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