That We Might Know the Lord


Ezekiel is one of the most challenging books to read and understand, but it is worth our effort, because it is the word of God, and it seeks to give us a deeper and clearer knowledge of the LORD, especially in judgement and hope. This prepares us for and deepens our appreciation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Vision of God's Glory

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 25 July 2021
  • Ezekiel 1

The indescribably glorious LORD God appears to Ezekiel in Babylon. To prepare Ezekiel and the readers to listen to the word of God.


Ezekiel Commissioned

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 1 August 2021
  • Ezekiel 2-3

Ezekiel is commissioned as a prophet to a rebellious Israel, yet they will not listen. Their time is up, and God’s patience with them is running out


Wrath against Jerusalem

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 8 August 2021
  • Ezekiel 4-7

Because of the deep wickedness of Israel God’s judgement will be profoundly destructive so that they shall know Yahweh is God.


Judgement against Jerusalem

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 15 August 2021
  • Ezekiel 8-11

The remnant in exile is to be clear on the reasons and the tragedy of the LORD’s judgement, so that they would commit themselves to being faithful to the LORD, rejecting idolatry, longing for the promise of a new heart, and a restored relationship with God. For believers today, we are to not think any less of God’s judgement, but rejoice in the new heart we have been given by Christ and so commit ourselves to utter faithfulness and obedience.


Abhorrent Whoring, Amazing Grace

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 22 August 2021
  • Ezekiel 16

Israel is shockingly unfaithful, yet the LORD is amazingly gracious. So, know and feel the horror of sin and so appreciate even more the amazing grace of God.


False Hope and True Hope

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 29 August 2021
  • Ezekiel 17

God smashes down the false hopes of Judah, who has trusted in their alliances over God and are encouraged to find true hope in Yahweh alone to save them.


The Weighty Arrival of Judgement

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 5 September 2021
  • Ezekiel 24

The inevitable judgement of Jerusalem has arrived, nothing can prevent it, and the incredible weight of it will overwhelm their grief


Judgement on the Nations

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 12 September 2021
  • Ezekiel 25-32

God defends His people by judging the nations who have persecuted His people. This reminds everyone that Yahweh is LORD.


The Fall of Jerusalem

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 19 September 2021
  • Ezekiel 33

Sin is deep-seated and deeply tragic, yet God offers life to those who repent. The reader is urged to wake up to the reality of sin, to restore your senses and take responsibility to confess, repent and receive the mercy of God. God’s word of mercy is about to be announced in full... be ready
to receive it!.


Hope for Israel - Part 1

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 26 September 2021
  • Ezekiel 34

Israel’s (and humanity’s) hope lies in the LORD Himself to be our shepherd, who through His human shepherd David will bring reversal and restoration. This is fulfilled by Jesus, the good shepherd, who comes to rescue those who are lost, to give the life of true goodness and peace we were created for, and which we yearn to have. So, trust in Jesus and follow him


Hope for Israel - Part 2

  • Pastor Benjamin Ho
  • 3 October 2021
  • Ezekiel 36:16 - 37:1-28

The LORD, acting to restore His holy name, gives new life through His Spirit. Nothing short of re- creation is needed for new life. In Christ, the dead are raised to life and are given cleansed and Spirit-filled heart that leads to a new life of obedience, unity and honour for God's name.


"Gog and Magog" Fall

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 10 October 2021
  • Ezekiel 39

Gog and Magog, representing God’s enemies, will be fully and finally defeated by God to His glory and to the comfort of God’s people.


Hope for All

  • Pastor Steven Tran
  • 17 October 2021
  • Ezekiel 40-48

The Book of Ezekiel seeks to reveal the LORD God to us in judgement and in hope. In the final vision of Ezekiel (chapters 40-48), we are given one last and very great revelation of hope: the LORD God will return to dwell with His people in a renewed paradise. As it was in creation, as it has always been and as it always will be, hope is found in the LORD’s presence, because life in all its fullness flows out from the LORD’s presence. In the LORD Jesus Christ, we see these hopes of presence and life fulfilled, now and forever.

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