Start of our 2-year Bible Reading Program – 19 February


On Sunday 19th February, we begin our 2-year Bible reading program.

Click here to download the Bible reading program

Here are some details:


  • Whole Bible once; Gospels and Acts twice
  • 1st year: 1-2 chapters/day; 2nd year: 2-3 chapter/day
  • Not sequential through the Bible – alternate between OT and NT


  • The use of a ‘physical’ Bible is highly recommended (as good and useful as iPads, tablets and smartphones are!)
  1. Helps you ‘orientate’ to where you are in the Bible (context) – know where you are in the whole Bible story; be able to quickly glance to previous readings and look forward to what’s coming up
  2. Never worry about battery!
  • Reading from the same version
  1. Easier to follow public reading – minimise any confusion
  • Recommended version: English Standard Version (ESV)
  1. Many good translations – translated for different purposes and audiences
  2. No perfect ‘version’, but ESV is a very good translation and a very good ‘fit’ for our congregation
  3. For more details on this decision, please read this article (the pastors of SLE are in agreement with most of the findings made in this article)

Over the next few weeks, a book stall will be set up after each service for you to purchase a bible for yourself or a friend

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