We are SLE Church.

We believe that the church is not a building but a gathering of God’s people. Being a family in Christ is what we’re all about.

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Current Series: Sermon on the Mount

The entry of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew is nothing short of astounding. His genealogy, birth, baptism and temptation in the wilderness were all saturated with Old Testament imagery and quotations, leaving us with the firm impression that Jesus is about to do something revolutionary and dramatic. The large crowds sense this as well as more gather around Jesus.

Seeing the crowds, Jesus ascends a mountain side and gives his famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’ to clarify what his Kingdom is like: a thoroughly upside-down Kingdom whose morals and demands defy convention and are intimately wrapped up in Jesus himself.

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Kingdom Prayer Group

Join us for an evening of food, conversations, songs of praise, and most importantly, prayer.


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21 to 23 JUNE (FRI-SUN)

SaLT Camp

SaLT is the highschool youth ministry at SLE Church. Anyone from year 7 to 12 is welcome to come along! Early bird ends 13th May.

QCCC Mount Tamborine


7 July (SUN)

CEC Turns One All-In Gathering

Centenary Evangelical Church turns one this July and would love to celebrate with an all in gathering with the 3 partnering churches, including SLE Church. More information to come but save the date now and come along!



    Replay Series: 1 Samuel

    In the days when there was no King, God set out to show his people what they needed: Him! Instead they opted for a king like everyone else - so they got what they wanted but would they want what they got? The book of 1 Samuel opens up for us a world of the early days of kingship in Israel and shows us the sort of King the people of God really need.

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    Replay Series: Psalms

    When we sing the Psalms in Christ, they become the soundtrack of our Christian lives. They help us to feel, comprehend, process, and reflect on the various emotions and experiences we face every day through the lens of the gospel. And as we do so, Jesus directs our everyday emotions and experiences towards a life of praising God.

    We’ll be turning to the Psalms a few times during the year in between our larger teaching blocks. Each time we do, we’ll endeavour to listen to how the lyrics poetically guide our affections towards Jesus and meditate on what it would sound like for those lyrics to be upon our lips as we sing these praises in Christ.

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    We believe that church goes beyond Sundays and into the lives of our every day. Our groups meet regularly providing you support while we learn to become more Christ-like.

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