Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our plan to keeping connected as a community during this pandemic period.

What does this pandemic mean for SLE Church?

Current Queensland Health’s Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No. 19) allows gatherings at church, provided there is

  • Compliance with Occupant Density, which is no more than 1 person / 2m2, and individuals keep 1.5m apart (except for members of the same household – who can be closer), or
  • 100% capacity in fixed-seating venues, only if a person is
    • Given a record of his/her assigned seat number by way of a ticket; and
    • Remains in the assigned seat while present at the venue or event.
  • Contact Tracing,
  • Frequent Cleansing

For SLE Church, we believe that gatherings should be face-to-face as much as possible. And with the latest roadmap from the Queensland Government, we will be fixing seats and allocating tickets for everyone who comes to Sunday Service at Ryans Road.

This also means that small groups can start to
gather physically in our church building.

When you are attending an event or meeting

We ask that you read the COVID19 Building Use Policy before checking in to your event.
This will help us create a safer place for you and everyone.

If you are coming to one of our services, you must register through Eventbrite
and one of our hosts will check you in when you arrive.

You must also check in using the Queensland Check-In app.

Read the policy
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This also means that small groups can start to
gather physically in our church building.

Follow the process

We have put policies and protocols in place for our church members and guests to safely gather on our premises. We ask that you take the time to read this through.

Building use process

Check in when you're here

When you're physically at our premises please check in (using our form below or with your group) so that we can keep track of all attendees according to Government guidelines.

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Booking Rooms

Please read all policy and protocol documents prior to making any booking requests.

Room booking form

Leaders, please complete the check out form at the end of each session.

Building Check Out