Ritual Sacrifices

Pastor Steven Tran
13 October 2019

Leviticus 1-7

Fit Mediators For The Holy God

Pastor Ben Ho
20 October 2019

Leviticus 8-10

Clean Eating

Pastor Steven Tran
27 October 2019

Leviticus 11

The Day of Atonement

Pastor Ben Ho
3 November 2019

Leviticus 16

A Holy People Like Their Holy God

Pastor Steven Tran
10 November 2019

Leviticus 18-20

A Holy Priesthood for a Holy God

Pastor Steven Tran
17 November 2019

Leviticus 21-22

Holy Gatherings and Sabbath Years

Pastor Ben Ho
24 November 2019

Leviticus 23-25

Call to Covenant Faithfulness

Pastor Ben Ho
01 December 2019

Leviticus 26

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