O Come Let Us Adore Him

O Come Let Us Adore Him6 EPISODESIt’s Christmas and we love singing carols. And carols carry so much meaning behind their melodious lyrics. This Christmas, we’re looking at 6 carols to see how they point … Read More

Stand Firm

Stand Firm6 EPISODESThessaloniki was a young church in need of a lot of encouragement. Paul was with them for a relatively short time, but the gospel made huge impacts on them. So he writes this … Read More

A Planting Church

A Planting Church2 EPISODESChurch planting: starting a new church from an existing one. These two sermons will look at our theological convictions for why we want to plant churches, and why we want to be … Read More

Ruin, Rebuild, Reform

Ruin, Rebuild, Reform6 EPISODESThe people are beginning to return from exile. God had kept his promise: he sent them away because of their rebellion and is now restoring their home. This return was promised to … Read More

The Gospel in Motion

The Gospel in Motion10 EPISODESWhen Jesus was with his disciple he said something highly curious: that his disciples would go on without him and do even greater works than he (cf John 14:12). What did … Read More

Easter 2022

Easter 2022The Reason for the CrossPastor Steven Tran15 April 2022Luke 23:32-43Unbelieve mocks Jesus, belief comes to Him humbly in faith and receives salvation. How will we respond? Play on SpotifyBulletinThe Meaning of the Empty GravePastor … Read More

In the Beginning

In the Beginning6 EPISODESIn the beginning… With those words, the Bible reveals the God who is there, who has made everything and has spoken that this story would be told from generation to generation. It … Read More

Jesus’ Verdict on the World

Jesus’ Verdict on the World5 EPISODESJesus enters Jerusalem. Crowds, leaders and rulers all have an opinion of Jesus. All deliver a verdict on Jesus. But it is not their verdict that counts: it is Jesus’ … Read More

Seeing the King and His Kingdom

Seeing the King & His Kingdom9 EPISODESAs Jesus enters into the final ‘movement’ towards Jerusalem, the focus sharpens on the Kingdom of God and the King of the Kingdom. Jesus is the King that has … Read More

That We Might Know the Lord

That We Might Know the Lord13 EPISODESEzekiel is one of the most challenging books to read and understand, but it is worth our effort, because it is the word of God, and it seeks to … Read More